Living with me!

I live with myself every day and do not always like what I see. I think I know who I am until something happens that brings out a reaction that surprises me. Where does that come from? I tend to be a little weird as in, not following the patterns of the norm. I used to call that “unique.” I took pride in being different and unique. I guess I have changed some. I no longer try to be unique or different. I just know that I am.

So, what is it like to live with me? My roommate says it is confusing. She never knows what will come out of my mouth next. Either do I. In fact, I tend to think with my mouth so, I do often surprise myself as much as others. I guess we are all a work in progress. I enjoy surprises and always look for adventure. This can be a challenge to those around me. But, I hope I make things fun and full of life.


One thought on “Living with me!

  1. Deborah Turner

    Unique and special, and always surprising. Sometimes confusing, but always thought provoking. I like having the time to think and analyze things; doesn’t always happen and I have to think on the fly. I’m glad I have two halves to my brain.

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