There are all kinds of creatures in this world. Are we (humans) just another type of animal? That seems to be the consensus of the world we live in. Scientists try to tell us that we are the descendants of apes. They tell us that we have a long line of evolving ancestry that goes all the way back to a primordial soup of amino acids. they tell us that we are just animals currently at the top of the food chain. They also tell us that this all happened by chance.; that we are an accident. There is nothing special about us since we supposedly came from animals. We just happen to have, by pure chance, more highly developed brains than other animals. Some who hold to the evolutionary theory even have the audacity to say that it is proven fact. How unscientific of them. Science is about observation and calculation leading to proven conclusions. How can any “scientist” say that evolution is a proven fact when they cannot observe it in action since it takes millions or billions of years to unfold. That is an impossibility.

There are some scientists who are beginning to concede to the idea of there being a higher power due to the extreme detail and order in the universe that cannot be explained by evolutionary chance.

I believe in a higher power as well. It is not just any higher power. It is the creator of the universe and all that is within it. This God is so powerful that, with a spoken word, the universe came into being and by His continued power the universe is held together. Scientists are currently debating the source of dark matter. They all agree that it cannot be seen. Some say it is a physical phenomenon that is the glue that holds the universe together. Others say that, even though it holds the universe together, it is not there (not measurable and not physical).

Colossians 1:17 says, “He existed before anything else, and He holds all creation together.” This is speaking about Jesus the Messiah/Christ. He is the creator. He is the one who spoke everything into existence. He is the invisible immeasurable force that holds our universe and us together. Without Him creating, it would not exist. Without Him holding, it would not stay together.

He made us. He made all creatures. He said that we are different from all other creatures. He breathed life into us. He specifically chose us for relationship with Him. He gave us dominion over this world and its creatures and we have killed, polluted and damaged this world to the point where the world is beginning to self destruct. God alone is able to rescue us. We rebelled against Him, our creator but He put on an earth suit (human flesh) to take onto himself the consequences of our rebellion. Why would He do that? Because He loves His creation and especially us. He does not want anyone to have to endure the consequences of our sin, so He came to earth to experience life in a flawless way and die at our hands. He paid the penalty for our rebellion. But, He will not force us to accept His gift. If we want to, we can choose to reject Him. We are allowed to do that. If we accept Him and His sacrificial gift, we will live with Him for all eternity.

In Genesis, it tells us that we are made like Him (after His image). Have you heard people say, “He is just like his father.” or She is just like her mother.?” Well, that is what we are like in relationship to God. He is our father and in our purified form, we are like Him.

God is Elohim, which is a plural word. He is three in one. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are also multiple is several ways–made like Him. We are body, soul and spirit. Our soul is the mind, will and emotions. Our mind is the functioning, reasoning, thinking part of the soul. Our will is the determining, choosing and protecting or guarding part of the soul. The emotions are the feeling, desiring and passion part of our soul. We are made in the image of God–made for relationship with Him. We all have huge God holes in us. Places that were meant to be filled by God Himself. At conception, God planted into our as yet unformed bodies, our spirit and soul.

Humans are unique. We are not animals. We have body, soul and spirit. Animals have body and soul. Plants only have body. Yes we are unique because our creator made us so for a special purpose.

Next time, I will discuss our purpose.


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