Overcomer–Our Walk With God

A key part of being an overcomer and renewing the mind is to be deeply connected with God. Simply put, mind renewal is receiving truth from God, replacing lie based thinking that we have held onto. In order to receive from God, we need to connect to Him.

If I am going to connect with my friend, I need to contact the friend in some way. If I am to develop the friendship, I need to meet with my friend, spend time and communicate. I need to learn who this friend is and what my friend is like. I need to begin a heart to heart connection, the depth of which is up to the two of us. In the same way, we need to make a connected relationship with God. That means we need to learn who He is, what He is like, and spend time with Him to develop a relationship with Him. How deep we go with that depends on us, our desire to connect, and the time we spend developing the relationship.

Relationships are not really one-sided. When we reach out to God, He reaches out to us. He is a gentleman. He will never force himself on us or force us to do what we don’t want to do. He wants to spend time with us. His heart is filled with love for us. We can experience that if we draw close to Him. He will answer our questions if we go to the place that they are coming from and listen to Him. Spend time in the Bible, learning about who God is and what His desires are toward us. Spend time in prayer with Him, talking and listening. It is a learning process. You will get better at it as you practice.

A book that I recommend that will teach you a deeper way to connect with God is, “Joy Starts Here” by E. James Wilder


This book teaches us how to connect with God from all facets of our heart.


Mind Renewal

Mind renewal is the process of systematically removing all lie-based thinking from your heart. We all have lie-based thinking. Truth-based thinking brings peace. Lie-based thinking always stirs up negative emotions. That is how we know that we are not thinking with a foundation of truth.

Now, there are emotions that are truth-based, such as grief, sadness, sorrow, to name a few. These are emotions that are a consequence of loss in some form.

There are also emotions that guard our hearts to prevent anyone or anything from touching the painful places inside. These are choice emotions and they are lie-based. We believe something about facing the inner pain so we do not want to go there. That is when we choose anger or anger related emotions because it will shut down other emotions and protect the inner wounded places that were triggered. Another emotion in the same class is panic (seen where it is not logical to panic). So, the question to ask would be, “where is this anger, panic, etc. coming from? Follow that to the place, time, memory where you learned that it is an effective tool to block other emotions. I will talk about methods of mind renewal later.

In John 16:13, Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit being sent to us to lead us into all truth. I believe that the key word here is the word “all.” The Holy Spirit indwells the heart of the Christian. He has a job to do. He is our comforter. He walks alongside us to help us. He teaches us and leads us into truth–all the truth that we need to free us from the bondage of lie-based beliefs.

The problem with that is that we often do not cooperate with the Holy Spirit. In order to be led, we must follow. God will never force us to follow Him. Satan and his followers will force us. They will do everything in their power, including using other people, to make us do his bidding. He too is limited by our will. God created us with the right to choose between right and wrong. Satan’s favorite tool is deception. He starts with us when we are very young without the ability to reason things out. He uses what the scripture calls our “carnal nature,” or “old man” against us. It is a ready made tool. We are all born with a sin nature. When something in our lives goes wrong, he sends evil spirits to whisper lies and false conclusions to us. Because of the pain we feel from the event, the lie seems plausible even if it is irrational. It is our natural inclination to try to find something onto which we place blame for the circumstance we just experienced. The lie provides a reason for what we feel. Adam and Eve both did that in the garden of Eden. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent.

An example of what I am talking about would be:


A child’s hand gets caught in the door of a car. A person was there at the door when it happened. The pain is excruciating.

It is natural in this circumstance to try to find where the fault lies. In this scenario, several things could take place. An evil spirit jumps in and whispers, “That person meant to do that to you.” A child hearing that thinks that it was their own thought and accepts the conclusion. Thus, a lie-based foundation has begun to be built.

Another way it may be played out would be that the person there gets upset and says, “why did you have your hand there?” The spirit then adds, “It is your own fault that you got hurt!” or “Stupid! It is your own fault.” Thus, eroding the child’s self confidence and self worth… another lie-based foundation onto which the child builds his or her life and self perceptions.

Pain is the key element that can lock lie-based beliefs into place. What follows is a cycle of belief to pain to belief that follows throughout life. But pain does not need to be present to begin with. There are circumstances where we can be blind-sided by lies. A child or adult can be “just being themselves” and someone else gets triggered by something said or done innocently. The other person’s reaction startles us and their lies demean us. If we accept the lies, we become diminished in our own eyes. Children especially are vulnerable in these kinds of circumstances since they need help discerning what is truth and what is lie. In this kind of situation, the pain comes from the reactive attack instead of pain being the initiator.

All of that was to establish that we all have situations that produce lie-based thinking in our hearts. It means simply, that all of us require mind renewal. If we are followers of Christ, we have the Holy Spirit to help us with this. We live in a society filled with lies that are subtle. We have taken on the mindset of our society and that needs to be cleaned up as well. God wants out hearts to be pure, ready for Christ’s return.

Romans 12:2 is very clear. Paul says that we are not to be conformed to this world but be transformed by renewing our minds. That transformation process cannot be done by trying to convince ourselves of truth. We need the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts so that we are able to accept the truth.

Ephesians 4:23 says that we need to be made new in the attitudes of our minds. All attitudes come from our belief system. If our belief system is faulty, our attitudes and reactions will be “of this world.” in other words, lie based thinking leads to bad attitudes which leads to reactiveness which is sin. God’s best comes to us when we act based on truth rather than react, based on false belief systems.

We now know that mind renewal is a systematic removal of lie-based thinking. It is also a systematic infilling of truth in the pain filled places, by the working of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. This can only happen if we cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

In order to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, we really need to develop a relationship with Him, the Father, and Christ.

More on that topic later…

Victim to Victor–Mind Renewal

Well, here it is three years later and I am just now starting on my second part to the overcomer versus victim thoughts. How time flies when we get distracted! Well, since my last post, I have gotten a book published about my journey from darkness into the light of God’s truth. It is all about this mind renewal topic from a case study perspective. It is called Diamond Fractal by Karen A. Keegan and Minna J Kayser and can be purchased on Amazon.

So, how do we move from being victims to being victors or over-comers? In the book of Revelation in the Bible, It says that it is the overcomer who will go to heaven and receive the crown of life. The following verses speak about what the overcomer can do or receive.

  1. In Rev 2:7 The overcomer is permitted to eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God.
  2. In Rev 2:11 The overcomer will in no way be harmed by the second death (which is eternal separation from God).
  3. Rev 2:17 The overcomer will be given some of the hidden manna and a white stone with a new name written on it that no one can understand except the recipient.
  4. Rev 2:26 The overcomer who continues in the deeds of Christ, will be given authority over all the nations.
  5. Rev 3:5 The overcomer will be dressed by Jesus, in white clothing and his name will never be erased from the book of life and Jesus will declare his name before the Father and his angels.
  6. Rev 3:12 The overcomer will be a pillar in the temple of God and will never depart from it. The overcomer’s name will be written on the name of God, the name of the city of God (the New Jerusalem) and on Jesus’ new name.
  7. Jesus will grant to the overcomer permission to sit with him on his throne in the same way that Jesus overcame and was given permission to sit with his father on His throne.

That is quite the list of rewards that are in store for the overcomer. So how do we overcome? And what do we overcome?

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this present world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may test and approve what is the will of God– what is good and well pleasing and perfect.”

We are to overcome the pull of the world that leads to sinful thinking which in turn leads to sinful actions. The only way we can overcome the world and the flesh is to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. That kind of transformation changes our thinking and beliefs all the way down to the core of our hearts. As we engage in mind renewal and begin to see changes in our lives, it is vital to protect our hearts by putting on the whole armor of Christ. Ephesians 6: 10-20. We are really doing battle in our hearts and minds against spiritual forces that are enemies of God. At some point I will talk more in depth about the armor of God and what that means. But we are to use the armor to “Guard (our) hearts above all else, for from it is the wellspring of life.” Prov 4:23.

I will add more later to keep this section from getting too long.



Who Am I?

When I was in high school, a few of my friends and I decided we needed nicknames. I have no idea why that was so important, but at the time, it was. I mulled it over in my mind looking for something that would be uniquely mine. What I came up with was “Mojak.” I know, that looks strange and seems to have nothing to do with my name. I took my initials mjk and added the second letter of my middle and last name, placing them in front of the initial. That spelled, mojak. Well, the nickname kind of stuck and over the years, some friends used that nickname consistently.

About 16 years ago, I decided it was a little lopsided since my first initial did not have an accompanying vowel, so I tacked on the second letter of my first name, changing the name to Imojak. I have used this final version as an internet ID for 16 years. In the last 9 years I decided I was going to use it for business as well and developed a company that I call Imojak Enterprises.

This year, I decided I was going to see if anyone else was using that name so I did a google search on it and was surprised at what came up in that search. I do not know if that is an oriental name or not but it is being used by people who have websites with oriental languages. There were many references to the name that had nothing to do with me.

Have you checked to see who is using your name or nickname online? Do a google search. It may be a real eye opener for you.


Overcomer or Victim?

This is a topic that I am passionate about. I would like to discuss this topic in several sections. This is for everyone, not just those who have been victimized. I invite discussion on this topic because it is something that few people really understand in ways that enable them to appropriate the truths of scripture that pertain to overcoming and victim mentality. It is my heart felt desire for everyone to be able to live peaceably regardless of their personal situations. Hopefully readers will be able to come away with something helpful to apply in their own lives as I discuss this topic.

First, I would like to introduce my perspective. Life happens to everyone. Some of it is good and some is not good. That is normal living. We learn how to respond to life by living through experiences from which we learn. The truth is that we interpret life as we live it and sometimes our interpretations of events are not based in truth. When this happens, we gain a skewed view of life which we carry through event after event. Our skewed views tend to have emotions attached to them which can make our lives miserable. Because emotion is attached to our skewed interpretations, when something happens we react to it. Often our reaction can be traced back to what we believe in a past event. That memory controls us throughout our lives with emotional reactions until we revisit the source memory and replace the lie-based thinking with truth. Once the truth is in place in the memory, we can move on and not be bound to reactivity in that issue because it will be resolved. Now, we all live life filled with events that have bad feelings and mis-interpretations attached to them. So, we have many areas where we react to people, events and things. That means we have plenty of opportunities to go to memories to process issues. Here is the thing. If we do not go to the source memory, we will keep coming back to the issue. The memory holds the interpretation that keeps our emotions alive. So, we must deal with the issue in the memory if we want to stop being haunted by the issues held there.

Here is the trick. Once a memory is in place and our interpretation is set, there is only one person who can replace the lie-based thinking with truth. That is the person of the Holy Spirit. People can tell us, over and over what the truth is. But it will not replace the lie. Why? Because lies can only be replaced with truth in a present tense experience. As humans, we cannot make a memory present tense. Only God, who is not bound by the restrictions of time, can give truth as a present tense experience in a past memory.

There are people who say that “you need to just get over it and move on with your life.” That is not humanly possible as long as the past keeps jumping into the present because of triggers. So, how do you get over these issues in a practical applicable way? That is what I will begin to discuss here. It is a process of mind renewal which has brought freedom to thousands of people.

Mind renewal is a process of removing lie-based thinking and replacing it with truth. It brings truth to an experiential level that allows us to live at peace regardless of what is happening in our lives. It is a lifestyle that brings freedom step by step. Mind renewal is something that needs to be practiced daily for the rest of our lives. The more we practice mind renewal the greater our freedom and the more we become like Christ. Mind renewal is not something we do by working at it. It is a process of experiencing truth through deep relationship with Christ.

I will continue next time with the basic process of mind renewal and how it brings victory so that you are no longer a victim of your circumstances.